“Our heart beats for flying. Because it brings people from different cultures and nationalities around the world together. And because it contributes to freedom, peace and prosperity. At Eurowings, this passion for flying is strongly linked to our sense of responsibility for the environment and society. We know that the future of air transport must be closely aligned with an active commitment to climate protection.

That’s why an integral part of our strategy is to develop our business model responsibly for the benefit of the environment, people and society. Together with the Lufthansa Group, we strive to act responsibly and make a range of commitments to more sustainability on every step of your journey and to our goal of CO2-neutral flying in the near future. We want to cut CO2 emissions by half by 2030 and fly completely neutrally by 2050. However, we are already making enormous progress on the way there, for example with the flotation of the world's most efficient medium-haul jet, the A320neo, in spring 2022. Future generations can then also dream and travel without limits.”

Jens Bischof
Chairman of the Executive Board and CEO of Eurowings