Mauritius, Hot Spot to switch off and Dream-Eurowings Destination

COLOGNE/BONN – German football fans needed exceptionally strong nerves when the national team bowed out of the World Cup unexpectedly early in Kazan, Russia. But with Eurowings German fans can still experience their own personal Midsummer Night’s Dream 2018. Just one day after Germany’s exit from the World Cup, the airline is turning not only the thoughts of football fans towards other things. By putting together the most beautiful destinations away from the well-worn tourist paths, it hopes to provide inspiration for the next trip away. Book now via or the Eurowings app. Eurowings flights take off several times a day from many German airports to the world’s most beautiful places off the beaten track.   

Italy: Cala Luna in Sardinia  

The moon-shaped Cala Luna bay is one of Sardinia’s most beautiful beaches, situated in the east of the Gulf of Orosei. The name comes from the white sand of the secluded beach which is well away from the tourist hordes. With its beach reminiscent of the Caribbean but mainly due to the special rock formations and caves, most of which can be visited, the bay is a thrilling location. Cala Luna is accessible by boat or via hiking tails of varying difficulty – packing your bathing gear is a must as the azure blue sea is irresistible for a cooling swim surrounded by the breathtaking scenery. Eurowings flies from Berlin-Tegel, Cologne/Bonn, Munich, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Salzburg, Vienna, Hamburg and Düsseldorf to the airports of Olbia and Cagliari on Sardinia several times a day. 

Iceland: Jökulsárlón 

The beach at the glacier lagoon of Jökulsárlón in Iceland nestles against a backdrop which is second to none, especially in winter. The translation of “Jökulsárlón” is “glacial river lagoon”. Surrounded by glaciers and with icebergs floating in it, Iceland’s deepest lake has a pitch-black beach. The area has already been used as the location for several film productions, such as James Bond, and the constantly changing scenery is completely off the beaten track. You can be entirely alone on the black beach of Jökulsárlón, if you want to. Eurowings flies from Cologne/Bonn and Hamburg to the Icelandic capital of Reykjavik twice a week. 

Mauritius: Black River Gorges National Park 

Mauritius, the green island, offers just the right mixture for those who not only want to spend their time on the beach but also appreciate a little variety away from the tourist hot spots: The Black River Gorges National park in Mauritius. Active holidaymakers in particular get their money’s worth here because the park offers a huge number of different hiking trails through the primeval forest which enthralls visitors with its diverse flora and fauna and countless waterfalls. Between the lush foliage, there are glimpses of the Mauritian coastline, which hint at the island’s many beaches. Eurowings flies from Cologne/Bonn and Munich to Mauritius three times a week. 

Sweden: Gothenburg archipelago

A very different kind of beach awaits visitors to the city of Gothenburg in Sweden. The Kattegat archipelago, west of Gothenburg, consists of numerous offshore islands which are accessible via a large number of ferry connections. Some of the islands are completely car-free. The islands are an invitation to bathe or enjoy a relaxing picnic for which you can buy fresh prawns in the small shops on the islands. The “kanelbullar” cinnamon buns in the shape of a snail are another Swedish speciality which are equally delicious whether eaten on the islands or in Gothenburg’s city centre. Eurowings flies from Düsseldorf to Gothenburg up to twice a day. 

Dominican Republic: Teleferico in Puerto Plata

It’s very easy to change perspective in Puerto Plata. The city’s own cable car, the Teleferico, takes guests to the top of hill from where they can look down on the city at its foot and from which they can enjoy the best view over the entire region. Once at the top, visitors can expect a botanical garden in the most beautiful tropical style. From there the area’s gorgeous beaches appear tiny although some of them extend for several kilometres. Those planning a trip on the cable car should definitely take the weather into account and preferably go in the morning. When the city descends into the mist, mainly from midday onwards, the view is only half as good. Eurowings flies from Cologne/Bonn, Düsseldorf and Munich to Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic up to three times a week. 

Portugal: Praia da Marinha on the Algarve

Those who love the sea will certainly get their money’s worth on the Algarve. Countless bays and beaches are spread along the entire coastline, providing the perfect little place for every taste. Praia da Marinha offers not only a stunning beach but also weird rock formations which make lying on the beach in a unique natural setting a very special experience. Praia das Fontainhas is a real insider’s tip for all who love solitude on the beach. It can be reached via a dry riverbed and has an impressive view that is sure to captivate. The beaches can best be reached from Faro airport which Eurowings flies to daily from Cologne/Bonn, Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna, Hamburg, Berlin-Tegel and Düsseldorf.