Our SN cabin crews test the new BIZclass products from Lakrids

Only a few days until April 28th: our inaugural flight from Düsseldorf to New York - besides Craft Beer, Pukka Tea, "Geilen Weinen" and the delicious menus of Retail inMotion, the expert brand of LSG, the guests of the new Eurowings BIZclass can also look forward to delicacies of the Danish liquorice manufacturer Lakrids.

Our cabin colleagues from Brussels Airlines, who will soon be heading for New York, Miami and Cancun, among others, with the new BIZclass on board, were on site at Lakrids in Düsseldorf last week. The flight attendants and purser had the opportunity to get to know the new liquorice products through an exciting product course and to immerse themselves in the history of the world's smallest liquorice factory producing gourmet liquorice. Of course, tasting was not neglected and has provided for one or two "flavour explosions".

Stefan Zappe, Managing Director at Lakrids, introduced our long-distance cabin crew to the brand-new Berries Edition, which Lakrids will launch for the first time in summer 2018 and bring on board at Eurowings in the BIZclass: liquorice with wild blueberry, sea buckthorn in white Dulce-de-Leche chocolate with a liquorice heart - that sounds like summer and makes gourmet hearts beat faster.

With our video we take you back to the Düsseldorf headquarters of Lakrids and show you how Ute Röhrken and Tina Schlömer, both Purser at Brussels Airlines, experienced the day.