COLOGNE/BONN – A wish comes true: from today (Thursday, 26 April 2018), Eurowings fans can finally book flights between Düsseldorf and Košice. What’s special about this? The Slovakian city won in the second round of ‘You vote. We fly’, with more than ten million users having voted on their destination of choice in the meantime. Europe’s fastest growing airline had already committed itself to actually launching the route.

As was the case the first time around, the second Eurowings campaign also became a social media hit on the web within a matter of days. Many of those taking part in the voting tracked the popularity of the six proposed destinations with the voters on an hourly basis.

As of now, the voting participants can actually book “their” flight from Düsseldorf to Košice and back – for example at or even more comfortably via the Eurowings app. The airline will offer the route four times a week from 28 October 2018 – with attractive feeder flights to Düsseldorf from many other European cities and at unbeatably low prices starting from as little as EUR 39.99 for the one-way flight.

Cork in Ireland, Košice in Slovakia and Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance were the three destinations which Facebook users could still campaign for after the end of the first round of voting. At the end of a live finale on Facebook, Košice was finally declared the winner. The campaign reached well in excess of ten million unique users in total, eight million of them in the airline’s international target group. Originally, they had a choice of six European destinations which were introduced on Facebook via video: Aarhus, Cork, Friedrichshafen, Košice, Ljubljana and Stavanger. 

The signs at Eurowings are already pointing to further growth: the low-cost airline’s route network currently covers 210 destinations in nearly 50 countries. This year the airline is offering its passengers 70,000 new flights, with this figure set to rise in future. Eurowings intends to carry on involving customers in the development of new route ideas as it continues to grow. So the airline asked its passengers for a second time which European hotspot should become the next Eurowings destination in the route network.

Košice is located in eastern Slovakia close to the border with Hungary and is the country’s second largest city after Bratislava. It is a perfect holiday resort for people who want to change down a gear. Cinemas, bars, pubs and also a few nightclubs can be found in the centre of Košice. The village of Wolovezkie Werkhi close by is the access route to the mountains, which are an invitation to great walks in the summer and even winter sports in cooler weather. 

Flight times in detail:

Düsseldorf (DUS) – Košice (KSC):
EW 9990
Departure 10:50, arrival 13:20 (Monday, Friday, Sunday)
EW 9990
Departure 12:20, arrival 14:50 (Wednesday)

Košice (KSC) – Düsseldorf (DUS):
EW 9991
Departure 13:55, arrival 16:45 (Monday, Friday, Sunday)
EW 9991
Departure 15:25, arrival 18:15 (Wednesday)