DUS - EDI, for this route Koala Tanami from the Duisburg Zoo and his keeper Mario Chindemi booked a flight ticket on board with Eurowings. With a large bundle of eucalyptus in his hand luggage, the koala man traveled from Düsseldorf to Edinburgh in Scotland in the passenger cabin. There a new home awaits him in Edinburgh Zoo to help him breed more koalas.

Tanami bravely survived the excitement at the security check in the arms of his keeper. Tanami was then placed in a specially manufactured transport box with seat branch, which in turn was mounted on board of the machine in row 2. Tanami's travel plans naturally caused a sensation among the passengers at Düsseldorf airport and the media were also on site to report about the koala on board: "Look a koala" was the title of “RTL West's” television report and the German boulevard newspaper “EXPRESS” headlined "This is Düsseldorf's sweetest passenger of the year".