COLOGNE/BONN – The lease was signed today: Eurowings Digital, the Cologne-based airline’s digital company, will be located in the Carlswerk building in Cologne Mülheim from next spring. The relocation of around 50 digital experts from Gremberghoven, a district in the southeast of Cologne, to the Schanzenstrasse is planned for February/March 2019. Oliver Wagner, Chief Commercial Officer at Eurowings, comments: “I am delighted that from early 2019, Eurowings Digital will initially occupy 1000 sq.m with a staff of 50. Our aim within the next three years is to employ 150 digital experts in Cologne Mülheim who will find and implement solutions to changing digital customer behaviour.” The new company location in the Schanzenstrasse is in Cologne’s attractive start-up region. The new head office of Eurowings Digital is in close proximity to other digital companies, such as REWE Digital and OBI next.

Eurowings Digital’s new centrally located premises in the Carlswerk have a modular structure, enabling employees to work flexibly and responsively in changing teams. The interior design of the new Eurowings Digital offices allows the digital experts to collaborate in a versatile and interdisciplinary manner. In addition to the usual meeting rooms, there will also be various open areas, such as seating areas which provide further opportunities for small groups of two to four people to share ideas and opinions. The ability to draw on walls or use them as projection surfaces is an open invitation to collaborate on interdisciplinary project work. As well as the new office, Eurowings Digital employees will also enjoy a range of attractive benefits, such as discounted flights for friends and family across the whole Lufthansa and partner network, sports such as yoga, and mobility grants.

Henriette Reker, mayor of the city of Cologne, is very pleased about this important addition, “Cologne is one of Germany’s most digital states and not just in terms of its infrastructure. Cologne also has a strong digital economy with major key players who know how to actively implement the opportunities offered by the digital transformation. Eurowings Digital with its new head office in the Schanzenstrasse will soon be enriching our digital ecosystem in Cologne Mülheim with talented digital experts from the airline industry.”

“Eurowings Digital clearly signals the consistent implementation of Eurowings’ digital strategy”, says Wagner. A key Eurowings Digital project is dedicated to providing our customers with fast digital assistance in the event of problems in the travel chain. The official launch of Eurowings Digital is scheduled for the end of this year.