The HORIZONT Brand Ticker published today shows that Eurowings is making significant gains in customer loyalty in July. The calculated Net Promoter Score (NPS), a key figure for customer satisfaction, stands out in the current Brand Ticker: According to analyses by Adwired and Spirit for Brands by 25.1 points.

One reason for this is that the Eurowings brand is firmly anchored in the minds of people who now travel by plane again. "Affordable" and "renowned" are the top associations that consumers associate with Eurowings. This is "proof of good brand work. After all, what more do passengers in this segment want than to get from A to B safely (= renowned) and cheaply (= affordable)?”, says Walter Brecht, Managing Director of Spirit for Brands.

Another positive aspect is that Eurowings is gradually expanding the number of destinations in time for the summer holidays and entering into new, promising cooperations, such as with as an exclusive hotel partner.