A successful season premiere: the Airbus A321neo, the largest and longest Airbus medium-haul jet, which joined the Eurowings fleet around a month ago, has successfully completed its first 100 flights to the most popular holiday destinations in the Mediterranean and the Canary Islands. The flight programme for the first weeks included 16 different destinations. Flight EW9856 from Düsseldorf to Palma de Mallorca was the first flight with which the latest addition to the fleet, registration D-AEEA, entered scheduled service on 20 July. Since then, the long "Mallorca Airbus" has flown many thousands of travel-happy passengers to their holidays.

The "Mallorca-Airbus": Highly efficient and quiet

The Airbus A321neo is by far the most efficient and quietest short-haul and medium-haul jet in the world and is the most visible sign yet of more than 50 sustainability initiatives at Eurowings. The aircraft has a significantly improved environmental performance compared to previous generations: 50 per cent reduced noise emissions, up to 20 per cent less fuel consumption and equally reduced CO2 emissions.

The seating capacity for up to 232 guests earns the newcomer the nickname "Mallorca-Airbus" - fitting for the Cologne-based company's well-known "Mallorca Shuttle". In the summer season, the A321neo will be increasingly deployed towards the Balearic island to serve the continuing high demand for the most popular destination in the Eurowings network. The Lufthansa subsidiary flies to the island's capital Palma up to 400 times a week in the high season. With the A321neo, Eurowings is continuing its fleet modernisation. In the course of the year, the airline will take delivery of another three aircraft of this type - the addition of a further A321neo is planned for February 2024. Together with the seven A320neo aircraft, the neo fleet of Eurowings will then comprise 13 aircraft.

Airspace Cabin for even more passenger comfort

The luggage compartments of the new Airspace Cabin have a 40 per cent larger volume and can even hold 60 per cent more suitcases, as these can be stowed vertically in the compartments. Another highlight is the new flexible lighting system, which is geared to passengers' biorhythms depending on the phase of the flight and time of day and illuminates the cabin in either warm orange or cooler blue tones.

Video: The A321neo as sustainability ambassador in new perspectives

To underline the importance of the A321neo for the topic of sustainability, Eurowings has made a comprehensive documentation of the introduction of the "sustainability ambassador": With more than 30 different cameras in a wide variety of positions and using state-of-the-art drones, a film crew followed the transfer of the aircraft from the Airbus factory site in Hamburg Finkenwerder to its home base in Düsseldorf. Thanks to close coordination with German Air Traffic Control and DUS Airport, a video was created that provides completely new perspectives on one of the most modern commercial aircraft in the world and sets new standards in communicating the topic of "sustainability".