Start the summer holidays safely with Eurowings

  • Safety and health have top priority: extensive measures along the entire travel chain

  • CEO Jens Bischof: "We are delighted that people want to fly again - and we are ready".

  • Tripled offer in July, 80 percent of the original destinations during the summer

  • Mallorca remains the most popular destination, Sylt is also among the top 10 summer destinations for Eurowings; new in the program: holiday flights to the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria

In the most populous federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia the summer holidays begin on Friday. Over the past few weeks, Eurowings and its staff on the ground and on board, together with its partners, have been conscientiously preparing for the start of what will be the most beautiful time of the year for many travelers – a special time due to the effects of the corona pandemic.

More than 50 destinations from Düsseldorf

With the end of the worldwide travel warning and the lifting of travel restrictions for Spain, customer interest in sunshine destinations is growing by leaps and bounds. Destinations in Spain, Italy, Greece and Croatia are in demand. In response to this, Eurowings is gradually expanding its flight program. In July, the airline will triple its offer with around 6,000 flights compared to June. Düsseldorf, the largest Eurowings location, will account for 1,200 of these flights. While Eurowings only provided basic services with nine aircraft during the months of April and May, around 35 Airbus A320 aircraft will take off again for the Lufthansa subsidiary in July. Instead of 35 destinations in June, Eurowings will offer more than 50 destinations from Düsseldorf in July. The declared objective is to offer 80 percent of the original route portfolio again in the course of the summer. However, the 2020 summer program will comprise a maximum of 40 percent of a "normal" summer.

"We are delighted that people want to fly again - and we are ready", says Jens Bischof, CEO Eurowings. "Because we know that travelling in times of Corona is fraught with uncertainty. That's why we have implemented extensive protection and hygiene measures along the entire travel chain to provide our guests with the best possible support and give them a feeling of security from the planning of their trip to their arrival at their destination".

Eurowings is Germany's leading holiday airline

The hit list of the currently most popular Eurowings destinations is headed by Mallorca - followed by Sylt, Zurich and Ibiza. Barcelona and Lisbon as well as the Greek holiday destinations Rhodes and Heraklion are also enjoying a strong increase in demand. With its wide range of holiday offers, Eurowings is positioning itself as Germany's leading short- and medium-haul holiday airline at the start of summer 2020: With the start of the major summer holidays in some German federal states, Eurowings will already offer more than 50 Mallorca flights per week. During the peak holiday season from the end of July, the number of flights will then rise to 168 weekly Mallorca flights. A total of 16 airports in Germany and Austria will then be connected to Mallorca with Eurowings again.

With Varna, the "Mallorca of the East", and Burgas, Eurowings also serves the strongly growing demand for Bulgaria. Eurowings is thus expanding its route portfolio in the direction of South-East Europe and will be flying to Bulgaria's Black Sea coast on a large scale for the first time in summer 2020. Among the European sunshine destinations, Bulgaria is becoming the new holiday favorite for inexpensive summer holidays, both for families and the younger public. This is also because Bulgaria was much less affected by the Corona pandemic than other countries.

The "Eurowings Flight Guide" informs about entry regulations and protection measures

Whether entry regulations, flight offers or health protection rules: Passengers are looking for clarity, especially regarding the question: where can I already fly to - and where is it not yet possible? Eurowings has developed a digital travel assistant that provides a clear answer to this question. Customers simply enter their desired destination on eurowings.com and immediately receive comprehensive information about current entry regulations and local protection measures. The Eurowings Flight Guide provides this information for each of the more than 100 Eurowings destinations.

Protective measures along the entire travel chain

Safety and health are top priorities at Eurowings. For this reason, the airline has taken extensive measures to increase health protection along the entire travel chain - on the ground and in the air.

  • At the airport
    Eurowings asks its passengers to bring a mouth and nose protector to all flights and to wear it both at the airport and on board. Eurowings flight attendants also wear such protection in direct contact with customers. This is a joint effort to ensure that safe travel remains possible even in times of Corona. Eurowings is thus following the official regulations of numerous European countries in which the wearing of a mouth and nose protector in public is now mandatory. The previous rule of keeping the neighboring seat free is therefore no longer applicable. Nevertheless, seats will be allocated as far as possible, distributed over a large area of the cabin.
  • When boarding
    With the help of notices in the airport and at the gates, as well as by means of monitor feeds and appropriate announcements, airports and service providers implement the applicable distance rules of at least 1.5 meters from one person to the next. Boarding is carried out in groups and by the passenger placing the boarding pass on the boarding pass himself/herself.
  • Rules of conduct for our crews
    Before and during the flight as well as on the ground during transit times, contact between   crew members and between crew members and ground staff is minimized in order to maintain a safe distance as far as possible. The entire crew ensures that hands are disinfected regularly. In addition, both on-board sales and on-board service are reduced. Hand contact is thus avoided as far as possible. Payment on board is cashless.
  • Hygiene measures on board
    Eurowings implements extensive measures for cleaning the aircraft: Each aircraft is disinfected when it stops at the home base. In the cabin, this includes the luggage compartments, armrests, seat belts and buckles as well as tables. In the washrooms, the toilet bowl and seat, washbasin, fittings, mirror and door handle are cleaned. All work surfaces and sinks in the aircraft galley are also disinfected.
    In principle, an infection on board remains very unlikely. The air in all aircraft is cleaner than that on earth. It consists of 60 percent fresh air from outside. The air circulating in the cabin is filtered and cleaned of impurities such as dust, bacteria and viruses. Filter performance and airflow comply with the standards for clinical operating rooms.
  • On arrival
    From now on, all Eurowings flights at domestic airports will only be positioned directly at the building wherever this is possible due to the existing airport infrastructure and official regulations. In this way, bus trips by passengers can be avoided as far as possible.
    In addition, Eurowings will regularly inform its passengers about current developments and topics concerning travelling in times of corona on eurowings.com/corona as well as through all other channels.

Flexible rebooking

To enable customers to plan their travel plans without worries, the airline offers its guests a flexibility guarantee with extensive rebooking options - even after the worldwide travel warning has been lifted: Up to 14 days before the departure date, flights can be rebooked as often as desired and free of charge - even to a different destination. This applies to all Eurowings flight offers within Europe. Customers can book additional services such as the Flex option at any time. The current summer flight schedule is published on eurowings.com.