What would you pay for a flight ticket to Mallorca?

Latest YouGov survey: 73 percent of respondents consider up to 200 euros to be appropriate

  • Understanding for sharply increased costs – also in air transport

  • Only twelve percent of all respondents call for ticket prices of up to 50 euros 

  • Just under half are willing to pay more for a more sustainable flight

  • Many attractively priced flights to Mallorca can still be booked with Eurowings for this summer

  • Most popular add-on services: Large baggage allowance, flexible rebooking and a free middle seat

Flying to Mallorca for ten or 20 euros? According to a recent YouGov survey conducted in February 2023, the "cheap is cool" mentality is over – at least when it comes to the price of a flight on holiday*. In the representative survey, 73 percent of all participants considered a price of up to 200 euros for a flight ticket from Germany to Mallorca to be justified. Eight percent would even accept a price above 200 euros. Only twelve percent of the respondents voted for a price of up to 50 euros. The results underline this: a large majority of respondents understand the sharp rise in (energy) costs, which also impact air transport and have led to corresponding price adjustments in the market throughout the industry.

Large variety of attractive priced flights to Mallorca during the summer holidays

What the YouGov survey also shows is this: as Germany's leading leisure airline, Eurowings still has attractively priced offers on the market that correspond to the desired price range of its customers. Despite strong advance bookings, the Lufthansa Group airline, which specializes in direct flights within Europe, still offers tickets in the preferred price segment – even in the busiest season during the summer holidays. Those who are flexible in terms of departure date and time can still book cheap flights at off-peak times and during the week. For even more comfort during the journey, Eurowings offers personalized additional services. The three most popular services among YouGov respondents: a large piece of luggage weighing up to 23 kilograms (39 percent), flexible rebooking (32 percent) and a free middle seat (24 percent).

Is more sustainable flying allowed to cost more?

At the same time, there is a stronger focus on the issue of sustainability. What would a more environmentally friendly flight be worth to travelers? In the survey, 49 percent of the participants said they would be willing to pay more to fly more sustainably. For 25 percent, a surcharge of 5 to 10 percent would be conceivable, 8 percent would even pay more than 10 percent. At Eurowings, guests can choose a more sustainable flight at the click of a button, offsetting the carbon emissions of their flight by contributing to high-quality climate protection projects.

*The data used is based on an online survey conducted by YouGov Deutschland GmbH, in which 2098 people participated between 1 and 3 February 2023. The results were weighted and are representative of the German population aged 18 and over.