Above the clouds with Eurowings pilot Lisa


Lisa clears up prejudices: Being a pilot has nothing more to do with gender

At present, women in the Lufthansa Group's cockpit are still clearly outnumbered by less than 10 per cent. Many consider flying to be a classic "male domain" - but is it still up to date today?

We accompanied 26-year-old Lisa Thiele for one day on a turnaround and got exciting insights from her daily work as a pilot. Born in Franconia, Lisa has been working as an A320 First Officer at Eurowings for almost a year now. Others go to the office, Lisa to the air – we were particularly interested in why Lisa decided to become a pilot at the time and not, like most of her classmates, chose an office job.

In our video interview you can learn more about Lisa's training at European Flight Academy, outdated gender prejudices in the cockpit and Lisa’s fascination for flying.