"Because sometimes being there means everything"

  • Emotional comeback of air travel

  • First major Eurowings marketing campaign since the start of the pandemic

  • Carefree travel and "just be there" when it counts

Celebrating love, sharing team spirit, feeling adrenaline: some things in life can't be experienced in video conferences – only when you're there. The new Eurowings campaign "Just be there" stages these special experiences emotionally and authentically in various online video formats. The appearance of Germany's largest vacation airline is flanked by a nationwide digital-out-of-home campaign, online audio elements and social media.

A family birthday that unites three generations at one table. The best friend's wedding. Creating that very special chemistry in face-to-face meetings that only happens when you're in the same room together. The current Eurowings appearance is the airline's first major campaign since the start of the Covid pandemic, which has changed every airline and presented it with a whole new set of circumstances. People who fly today not only pay special attention to safety, health protection and hygiene. They also want to be able to travel more flexibly and be better informed than ever before. With the flexible Eurowings booking options – no rebooking fee in all fares and possible up to 40 minutes before departure – and the informative, daily updated online travel guide for all destinations, Eurowings is meeting these changing customer needs.

Lorenza Maggio, Head of Marketing and Customer Experience at Eurowings: "During the pandemic, we were able to compensate for many things in the digital world that were simply not possible physically. However, people increasingly feel that personal encounters with others and the experience of special moments cannot be replaced in the long term. This is also shown by our current traffic figures, the strongest since the beginning of the pandemic."

Eurowings has significantly revised its product and service portfolio in the wake of the crisis and adapted it to changing customer needs. "We make flexible travel and spontaneous planning possible so that our guests can enjoy special personal experiences in a relaxed way again," says Maggio: "Our campaign stages this in an emotional, positive way."

The Eurowings campaign is on air as digital-out-of-home, on all relevant online channels, as well as audio, owned and paid social media. An insight into the current campaign can be found here: https://youtu.be/RFqhzVL1EzU