Coronavirus: Eurowings secures basic supply in Germany

  • Basic programme at the airports of Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Cologne/Bonn and Stuttgart with important domestic German connections as well as to selected major European cities

  • Focus continues to be on repatriation flights to bring back holidaymakers from abroad

Due to the ever-increasing spread of the coronavirus and the resulting drop in bookings as well as numerous entry restrictions, Eurowings recently had to drastically adjust its flight schedule. The flight programme on offer has been temporarily reduced to around ten percent of the previous capacity. The flight cancellations will be gradually implemented in the booking systems and passengers will be informed about changes and rebooking possibilities.

A focus of the reduced flight schedule will continue to be the repatriation flights from the most important holiday regions, enabling Eurowings European citizens to return safely to their home countries. In recent weeks Eurowings has already flown home about 20,000 passengers on more than 100 flights.

In detail the reduced programme looks like this:

Eurowings flights from Düsseldorf

From Düsseldorf, Eurowings operates up to nine flights a week to Hamburg and Berlin, up to six flights a week to Vienna, Zurich and London and up to two flights a week to Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Rome, Milan, Lisbon, and Thessaloniki.

Eurowings flights from Hamburg

From Hamburg, Eurowings operates up to nine flights a week to Stuttgart and Düsseldorf and up to six flights a week to Cologne/Bonn.

Eurowings flights from Cologne/Bonn

From Cologne/Bonn, Eurowings offers up to six weekly flights each to Hamburg and Munich as well as up to nine weekly connections to Berlin.

Eurowings flights from Stuttgart*

From Stuttgart, Eurowings currently flies its passengers up to nine times a week to Hamburg and Berlin and up to twice a week to Zagreb.

* Due to a runway renovation at Stuttgart airport, the above-mentioned flight connections from Stuttgart cannot take place in the period from 6 April to 22 April. After that they will be resumed. Meanwhile the bi-weekly connection to Zagreb will be served from Cologne/Bonn in this period.

During the Easter holidays there may be deviations from the basic flight programme.