Eurowings celebrates two-year anniversary in Munich

  • On 31 March 2017, the airline launched with more than 30 routes, more strongly than at any other location before in the company’s history.

  • Eurowings in Munich became a success story: today the airline is clearly in the number two spot at the airport.

Happy birthday, Eurowings Munich. Eurowings has now been operating at Munich Airport for two years. The airline started its flight operations at the airport, located in Munich’s Erdinger Moos area, two years ago yesterday, on 31 March 2017, with an early morning flight to Edinburgh at 6:30. Eurowings’ launch in southern Germany was bigger than at any other airport before, immediately powering at full throttle with more than 30 flights. It was certainly worth it because the Lufthansa point-to-point subsidiary is not only successful in Munich but also big. Eurowings is now also the number two airline at Germany’s second largest airport.

The airline has also been equally successful with its long-haul programme. Munich is currently one of the two locations for intercontinental flights. This autumn, Frankfurt will join Düsseldorf and Munich as a further long-haul location for Eurowings. The long-haul connections also benefit from a close network of feeder flights from the airline’s other German locations and from many airports in Europe. Within Germany, a new flight connection between Munich and Berlin starts in May.

Eurowings has grown so much in Munich that in the summer of 2019 the airline will move from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1 where it will be the largest airline. It is expected that the check-in for all flights will be relocated to Area A of Terminal 1 in June. Passengers will benefit from short distances and will be able to use all Eurowings service facilities quickly and conveniently in one interconnected area. For passengers, this means not only time saving but also improved orientation. From entering the terminal building, it’s only a few steps to the check-in desks and security checkpoint. After the security check, they reach their gates just as quickly and directly. There will be a shuttle connection between the terminals for transfer passengers.