Eurowings flies on time in 2019

  • Eurowings was one of the most punctual and reliable airlines in Europe in 2019

  • Punctuality improved by nine percent year-on-year

  • In Cologne by twelve percent, in Düsseldorf by ten percent more punctual

  • Record figures at the end of the year: Nearly 90 percent of all flights in December 2019 on time

  • Eurowing's COO Michael Knitter: "We have kept our word and last year again offered our customers punctual and reliable flight operations – just as they rightly expect us to.”

For 2019, Eurowings draws a positive balance: The second largest German airline brought 83 percent of its guests to their destinations on time last year – and thus improved the share of punctual flights by nine percent compared to 2018. Furthermore, Eurowings was even more punctual in 2019 than in 2017.

More punctual than the competition in NRW

At its home airports of Cologne and Düsseldorf, Eurowings not only improved its punctuality in 2019 by twelve and ten percent respectively compared to the previous year, but was also significantly more punctual than its competitors. This is confirmed by data from the independent portal OAG. Eurowings would have been even more punctual if there had been no air traffic control problems. On the positive side, Eurowings was able to cushion the impact of external factors and avoid consequential delays for its guests thanks to optimised processes. Compared to the previous year, Eurowings was able to reduce these delays disproportionately – in Düsseldorf, for example, by more than half.

With record punctuality figures of roughly 90 percent at the end of the year (89 percent in December, 93 percent in November), the airline confirms a trend that has been continuing for months now and which has now put Eurowings at the top of the European competition. The excellent performance is due to numerous measures with which Eurowings has been ensuring greater punctuality and stability in flight operations since the end of 2018. This is highly appreciated by Eurowings passengers, which is reflected in the consistently high customer satisfaction values throughout the year.

"We have kept our word and last year again offered our customers punctual and reliable flight operations – just as they rightly expect us to. To achieve this, we not only tackled and improved everything we can influence as an airline with our teams, but also compensated for deficits of system partners", says Michael Knitter, Chief Operations Officer at Eurowings. "We will continue to work towards this goal in 2020. After all, the satisfaction of our customers is our greatest motivation". This is why Eurowings analyses all established measures in detail and continuously optimises them. Together with system partners such as air traffic control and airports, Eurowings will continue to push forward these issues.

Confirmation by independent portals

Independent portals also confirm that Eurowings has succeeded in achieving an operational turnaround. The British data provider Official Airline Guide (OAG) has evaluated the punctuality of international airlines throughout Europe for the entire year 2019. Eurowings is the only German airline to make it into the 'Top Ten'. No other German airline can be found among the top 20. Cirium, formerly Flight Global, also mentions Eurowings among the ten most punctual airlines in Europe in its Performance Review 2019.