Eurowings has successfully operated the summer holiday wave in North Rhine-Westphalia

  • More than one million passengers on about 9,000 flights

  • Comprehensive package of measures for more punctuality has an impact

  • Eurowings COO Michael Knitter: "Our efforts and preparations are paying off." "Customer satisfaction is our greatest motivation."

Eurowings has successfully mastered the biggest wave of holiday traffic of the year. In North Rhine-Westphalia, the most densely populated state in Germany, the summer holidays ended last week and the airline has drawn a positive balance: in the past six weeks, Eurowings has flown more than one million passengers from North Rhine-Westphalia on around 9,000 flights to over 140 different destinations to their holiday destinations. 

Eurowings brought 76 percent of its guests to their destination on time - 13 percent more punctual than in the previous year. The top destination for holidaymakers in Europe was Mallorca, which Eurowings serves directly from 21 European airports. On long-haul routes, Bangkok, New York and Miami were among the most popular destinations. Eurowings was well prepared for the big summer travel wave and had strengthened its staff especially at the airports in Düsseldorf and Cologne and ensured sufficient resources for handling. Furthermore, Eurowings provided additional aircraft and crews as a reserve. The excellent performance is attributable to numerous measures taken by Eurowings since the end of last year to ensure greater punctuality and stability in flight operations. For this purpose, the airline had closely examined all operational processes on the ground and in the air. 

"Our efforts and intensive preparations of the past months have paid off, we flew our guests punctual and reliable to their holiday destinations and back home," says Michael Knitter, Managing Director and Chief Operating Officer at Eurowings. "A huge thank you to all our employees on board and on the ground as well as to our service providers, who ensured smooth flight operations with their commitment". 

At its home airports in Cologne and Düsseldorf, Eurowings is above average in punctuality and is more punctual than its competitors. This is confirmed by data from the independent portal OAG (www.oag.com). Eurowings would have been even more punctual if there had been no disruptions caused by air traffic control. On the positive side, Eurowings was able to cushion the effects of external factors and avoid subsequent delays for its guests due to optimized processes. Compared to the previous year, Eurowings was able to reduce these delays disproportionately by more than a half in Düsseldorf, for example. 

The passengers appreciate this, as shown by the consistently high customer satisfaction figures that Eurowings has been collecting on a monthly basis. "The satisfaction of our customers is the greatest motivation for us. We do everything we can to offer long-term stable and reliable flight operations and the best service to our guests", says Michael Knitter. 

Together with its system partners such as air traffic control and airports, Eurowings will continue to push these topics forward.