Eurowings makes BASIC fare even more attractive


SMART and BIZclass fares remain unchanged

For most of our BASIC customers, a reasonable price is the most important criterion when booking a flight. For this reason, Eurowings is offering a revised BASIC fare for short- and medium-haul flights for price-sensitive customers from March 2020, in which individual service components will be redesigned. This will make the BASIC "entry-level" fare even more competitive in terms of price. As a particularly favorable fare, it will stand out more strongly than before from the SMART fare. As an introduction from March 3 to March 15, Eurowings is launching a price campaign, during which BASIC fare flights will be offered 20 percent cheaper.

In the new BASIC fare, customers can take a large piece of luggage (55x40x23 cm) on board as before. The second piece of luggage is no longer automatically included in the new BASIC fare. Existing bookings are not affected by the new hand baggage policy. BASIC customers will be able to flexibly add the second piece of luggage online if required. Another new feature is that BASIC customers will also be able to flexibly book priority boarding in future. Regular surveys show that this service is highly appreciated by customers.

With the new BASIC fare, customers will only pay for those service components that they explicitly request and can thus fly at highly attractive conditions. Each additional service can be booked flexibly. What's more: our statistics show hand baggage is one of the main drivers of delays, such as when individual pieces of hand baggage have to be loaded after boarding. The newly designed BASIC fare with reduced hand baggage makes a decisive contribution to further minimizing these delay drivers - and all Eurowings customers benefit from this. Thanks to optimized hand baggage processes, among other things, Eurowings was among the ten most punctual airlines in Europe in 2019. Passengers greatly appreciate this, which is reflected in current customer satisfaction figures at record levels at Eurowings.

Eurowings will also optimize its check-in processes at airports in the future: from March 2020 Eurowings will ask its BASIC customers to check in for their flights exclusively online. This will lead to significantly reduced queues at the airports, which in turn will save our customers valuable time. BASIC passengers who would like to continue checking-in at the airport can of course book this option flexibly in advance as an additional service. With online check-in and the associated storage of contact data, Eurowings can, for example, inform and support its customers quickly, clearly and comprehensively by SMS and e-mail in the event of flight irregularities. Eurowings customers who have booked the SMART or BIZclass fare can still check-in at the airport free of charge. The hand baggage rules also remain unchanged for them.

The BASIC fare is the "entry" fare at Eurowings. In addition to the BASIC fare, customers can also choose between the SMART and the BIZclass fare. These fares are specifically tailored to personal customer needs and offer the greatest possible flexibility: the SMART fare already offers numerous included services – such as a desired seat, priority boarding and two pieces of hand luggage on board. In addition, further additional services, such as the Flex option (rebooking until the web check-in is closed) can be added.