Eurowings moving to Terminal 1 at Munich Airport in the summer

  • Airline to get new home at Munich Airport on relocation to Area A in Terminal 1 in June 2019. 

  • Fast and convenient for check-in and security checks

  • Relocation of growing Eurowings takes the strain off the infrastructure in Terminal 2 and ensures more balanced use of the airport

Eurowings, the second largest airline at Munich Airport, is moving into Area A of the airport’s Terminal 1 in the summer of 2019. It is expected that the check-in for all flights will be relocated in June. Passengers will benefit from shorter distances and will be able to use all Eurowings service facilities quickly and conveniently in one interconnected area. 

In future, Eurowings, which has grown considerably in recent years, will be the largest airline based in Terminal 1. For passengers, this means not only time saving but also improved orientation. From entering the terminal building, it’s only a few steps to the check-in desks and security checkpoint. After the security check, they reach their gates just as quickly and directly. There will be a shuttle connection between the terminals for transfer passengers. 

As a result, Eurowings will contribute to a more balanced use of capacities at Germany’s second largest airport. The move will ease the strain on Terminal 2’s infrastructure with its satellite terminal by more than two million passengers. This year also sees the start of refurbishment and modernisation work on Terminal 1 at Munich Airport which aims to equip the building for modern and effective operations surrounding aircraft handling.