Eurowings once again among the most punctual airlines in Europe

  • 90 percent of all flights got passengers to their destination on time in 2021

  • In the top 10 in Europe according to all independent flight data portals

  • Eurowings COO Jens Ritter: "Visibly set ourselves apart from the competition as a value airline"

Eurowings was once again among the most punctual and reliable airlines in Europe in 2021. Last year, Germany's largest vacation airline delivered 90 percent of its guests to their destinations on time – even improving the proportion of on-time flights compared to the pre-Covid year 2019 again, by seven percent.

With new record figures, the airline is confirming a positive trend that has now taken Eurowings to the top of the European competition in the key customer parameters of punctuality and reliability. The performance can be attributed to a comprehensive package of measures with which Eurowings has been ensuring the best possible stability in flight operations for years. Passengers greatly appreciate the recent top performance, which is reflected in consistently high Eurowings customer satisfaction scores

"In the second year of the coronavirus pandemic, we were again able to offer our guests punctual and reliable flight operations – just as they rightly expect from us," says Eurowings COO Jens Ritter. "I am very proud of the performance of our Eurowings teams, which has enabled us to stand out as a value airline offering fair prices with strong performance and flying at the top of the field."

At the same time, 2021 was an extremely challenging year for aviation. In a highly volatile period, Eurowings ramped up its flight operations from less than 20 to more than 70 aircraft, virtually from scratch. The Lufthansa subsidiary also had to make up for deficits on the part of system partners. "In 2022, we will continue our undiminished commitment to stable performance and the best possible service – because the satisfaction of our guests is our greatest incentive."

Eurowings provides monthly information on punctuality

On its website, the airline publishes how punctual it is for its guests: https://www.eurowings.com/en/information/about-us.html

Confirmation of punctuality by independent portals

Independent portals also regularly confirm that Eurowings has a very good operational performance. Cirium, formerly Flight Global, lists Eurowings among the ten most punctual airlines in Europe in its Performance Review 2021. The British data provider Official Airline Guide (OAG) regularly evaluates the punctuality of more than 100 international airlines. In the evaluation for December 2021, Eurowings takes first place and is the only European airline in the top ten.