Eurowings recruits on the external labor market again for the first time

  • Call for applications for 250 flight attendant positions launched

  • Applications from the Lufthansa Group will be given preference

Eurowings is one of very few European airlines to recruit crew members from the external labor market for the first time since the start of the Corona pandemic. Germany's largest vacation airline is thus able to offer around 250 flight attendants a new perspective.

As vaccination rates rise, infection figures fall and travel restrictions come to an end, demand for flights is increasing significantly. Tourist destinations are currently in particularly high demand. In the wake of this revival, Eurowings has already recruited 400 new crew members in the cockpit and cabin in recent months in order to be able to operate its planned summer flight program in 2021. The positions were advertised internally within the Lufthansa Group. In this way, Eurowings was able to offer new perspectives to employees from the Lufthansa Group who are affected by job cuts. The advertisement was also explicitly directed at crews from Germanwings GmbH, SunExpress Deutschland and LGW, whose flight operations could not be continued in the wake of the pandemic.

For the 2022 summer season, Eurowings is again assuming growth options for the first time, which will enable further hiring in line with demand. The Lufthansa subsidiary therefore launched an application process on June 23 to fill 250 additional positions in the Eurowings cabin. The announcement is being made both Lufthansa Group-internally and externally: it is thus once again also aimed at crew members of the Lufthansa Group who are threatened or affected by job losses. Applicants from Lufthansa Group flight operations will be given preference in the selection process, with the best candidates being selected as is customary in the industry.

Employees who already fly in the cabin for Eurowings Germany have already been offered increases in working hours and internal transfers in the run-up to the recruitment process. Purser upgrades are also planned in line with existing demand.