Manage aircraft in real time


Eurowings uses digital platform Aviatar: Efficient networking and forecasting of data minimizes delays

Digital update from our operations division: Eurowings is one of the first airlines to use Aviatar, a digital platform from Lufthansa Technik, to manage the maintenance of our fleet, analyze and forecast faults of individual aircraft components in real time and exchange relevant information across various interfaces even faster than before. By using Aviatar, Eurowings is digitizing a number of operational processes at Eurowings Technik that help us save time - and one thing above all: get our passengers to their destination on time.

Concretely, you can imagine it this way:

Aviatar provides information for fleet management and performance monitoring of our aircraft, such as information on necessary parts replacement or upcoming maintenance. For example, our colleagues from the operations department are informed about the platform at an early stage if one of our aircraft needs a spare part, for example in Mallorca, and can plan this exchange in advance and manage the material stock on site so that potential delays to and from Mallorca can be avoided.

The use of Aviatar shows that innovation and digitization play an important role at Eurowings. Click on our video to find out more.