Systematic boarding and deboarding procedures for Eurowings passengers


When boarding and deboarding, the request to our passengers is: keep your distance

When boarding and deboarding, the request to our passengers is: keep your distance. In order to ensure that boarding and deboarding is carried out in an orderly and safe manner, Eurowings has adapted the boarding and deboarding processes to meet expectations in terms of physical distancing.


To avoid "traffic jams" in the aisles on board, passengers on Eurowings flights

still board in groups (Group 1 and Group 2). Both the gate agent and the cabin crew at the cabin door make sure that the necessary distance is maintained. The Gate Agent and the Cabin Crew interrupt the boarding process as soon as there is a risk that the distance in the boarding bridge and/or the aircraft cabin can no longer be maintained.

Physical Distancing at the gate and in the cabin is supported by announcements and the regulation of passenger flow. Distance markings installed by the airport operator in the gate area and in the passenger boarding bridge help to maintain the necessary distance.


The deboarding process on Eurowings flights was also adapted. An announcement informs guests on board before landing that they will be deboarded according to individual rows. The deboarding procedure stipulates that passengers do not disembark until the passengers in front or behind them have left their seats. All passengers are asked to remain seated until the row in front or behind them is free. In their announcement, the cabin crew points out to the passengers that even during the disembarkation process, the wearing of masks is mandatory and that a distance must be maintained to the passengers.