We are #wingsfamily


Flying mother-daughter team at Eurowings

Today is International Family Day – and Eurowings celebrates this with a very special small family team: Eurowings flight attendant Luisa already fulfilled her dream of flying a few years ago and applied to Eurowings as a flight attendant. Since then, she has told her mother Martina about her fascinating experiences on board almost every day – so that it became clear to Martina: 'That's something for me, too!' Applying for a job with the same airline was only natural.

Luisa was able to quickly dispel some of mother Martina's concerns that she was too old or that changing jobs after 20 years was too demanding. Martina finally took the initiative, feverishly awaited the day of her assessment center at Eurowings and finally celebrated her acceptance with her daughter as well as new colleague. Luisa and Martina now not only exchange at home, but also high above the clouds: "It was pretty cool to train your own mum on board. We already had some nice turnarounds together," says Luisa.

We are #wingsfamily!