"We take care of you": Eurowings video shows protective measures along the entire travel chain

  • Extended hygiene standards from airport to arrival 

  • Distance rules, mouth and nose protection obligation and contactless check-in

  • Flexible rebooking options for more planning security

In international tourism, a relaxation of the current travel restrictions is in sight. Travel will soon be easier - even across national borders. Thus, the summer holiday 2020 within reach again. Against this background, Eurowings has significantly expanded its June flight schedule and added 40 new sunshine destinations in Europe to its program. This is the airline's response to the growing desire of its customers to finally be able to travel again. In these times, travel planning is often still associated with uncertainty - Eurowings wants to dispel this uncertainty and answers questions that travelers are currently asking themselves in a specially produced video.

All measures at a glance

Safety and health are top priorities for Eurowings. For this reason, the airline has taken extensive measures to increase health protection along the entire travel chain – both on the ground and in the air. 

Before the flight
In order to give travelers more planning security, Eurowings customers will continue to benefit from flexible rebooking options concerning their bookings. Check-in can be carried out in advance via their own smartphone. 

At the airport
Eurowings asks its passengers to bring a mouth and nose protection to all flights and to wear it both at the airport and on board. Eurowings flight attendants also wear such protection in direct contact with customers. This is a joint effort to ensure that safe travel remains possible even in times of corona. Thus, Eurowings is guided by the official regulations of numerous European countries in which the wearing of a mouth and nose protection is now mandatory in public. Therefore, the previous rule of keeping the neighbouring seat free is no longer applicable. Nevertheless, seats will be allocated as far as possible spread over a large area of the cabin.

When boarding
With the help of notices at the airport and at the gates as well as through recordings on monitors and corresponding announcements, airports and service providers implement the applicable distance rules of at least 1.5 meters from one person to the next. Boarding is carried out in groups and by the passenger displaying the boarding pass autonomously. 

Rules of conduct for our crews
Before and during the flight as well as on the ground during transit times, contact between crew members and ground staff is minimized to maintain a safe distance as far as possible. Communication between cockpit and ground staff is carried out in most cases via headset, while the crew uses the interphone as the main communication channel. The entire crew makes sure that their hands are disinfected regularly. In addition, both on-board sales and on-board service are reduced to avoid hand contact as far as possible. Payment on board is carried out cashless. 

Hygiene measures on board 
Eurowings implements extensive measures for cleaning aircraft: Each aircraft is disinfected when it stops at its home base. In the cabin, this includes the luggage compartments, armrests, seat belts and buckles as well as tables. In the washrooms, the toilet bowl and seat, washbasin, fittings, mirror and door handle are cleaned thoroughly. All work surfaces and sinks in the aircraft galley are also disinfected.

In principle, an infection on board remains very unlikely. The air in all aircraft is cleaner than the one on earth. It consists of 60 percent fresh air from outside. The air circulating in the cabin is filtered and cleaned of impurities such as dust, bacteria and viruses. Filter performance and airflow comply with the standards for clinical operating theatres.

On arrival
Eurowings flights at domestic airports will only be positioned directly at the building wherever possible due to the existing airport infrastructure and official regulations. In this way, bus trips by passengers can largely be avoided.

In addition, Eurowings will regularly inform its passengers about current developments concerning travelling in times of corona on eurowings.com/corona as well as through all other channels.