Kai Pflaume takes off with Eurowings

TV host becomes creative partner and testimonial for Germany's largest leisure airline

  • TV host becomes creative partner and testimonial for Germany's largest leisure airline
  • Kai Pflaume now uses his cross-generational popularity for Eurowings
  • Campaign launch with “fun facts” about popular travel destinations

The airline Eurowings and Kai Pflaume are taking off together: the popular TV presenter is now a testimonial for Germany's largest vacation airline. The creative partnership aims to further strengthen Eurowings' brand popularity and convey a desire for vacations across all target groups to expand its tourism offers.

"Eurowings and its almost 5,000 employees not only stand for a passion for flying, but also for the ability to connect people and fulfill millions of vacation dreams. I am convinced that we are a perfect 'match' and I am very much looking forward to getting young and old excited about travel and vacations together with Eurowings from now on." says Kai Pflaume.

The 56-year-old has managed to build up a cross-generational reputation like few others. As a host and presenter of popular TV shows, he is one of the ratings guarantors on German television. At the same time, his social media channels - from Instagram and YouTube to TikTok - are inspiring a constantly growing community. The videos on his YouTube channel "Ehrenpflaume", launched in 2020, alone have over 70 million views to date.  Kai Pflaume is now bringing this in-depth understanding of how to convey authentic, humorous content, including in the digital world, to Eurowings and its rapidly growing online travel brand Eurowings Holidays. The TV presenter's role will initially focus on digital campaigns. Eurowings and Kai Pflaume have agreed on a long-term collaboration.

Mark Philipp, Head of Content Marketing & Social Media at Eurowings: "Kai Pflaume's ability to communicate authentically and credibly fits perfectly with our positioning as a value airline. He embodies what also defines the brand character of Eurowings: values such as friendliness and reliability, empathy and personal closeness are deeply rooted in our brand essence. Kai Pflaume and Eurowings are also united by an almost identical mission: we bring people together across generations and thus create personal, positive experiences. We do all this with great passion."

Eurowings customers can now look forward to creative, inspiring content on the social media channels of Kai Pflaume and Eurowings. The digital agency la red is responsible for the content conception and realization. At the start, Eurowings will initially focus on native content that picks up the target group in reels and TikToks at eye level.  The aim of the launch campaign with Kai Pflaume is to whet the appetite for vacations with Eurowings Holidays with "fun facts" from popular vacation destinations. Eurowings' young online travel brand is on a dynamic growth trajectory and is set to become one of the "Top 10" German tour operators in the next few years.